Two New Books on Conservation Policy and History

by R. Neil Sampson

With One Voice: The National Association of Conservation Districts. This new history of the national soil and water conservation program is now available from Wheatmark Publishers. View .pdf excerpts below...

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Also Now Available from Wheatmark Publishers... For Love of the Land

Out of print since 1995, this classic history of the conservation district movement from the 1930’s until 1980 has been reprinted as a second edition in 2009.

The story begins with the Dust Bowl, and the earliest efforts by H. H. Bennett to launch a national soil and water conservation program. Conservation districts were born in 1937 and quickly began to be established throughout the country. In 1946, they banded together into a national organization – now known as the National Association of Conservation Districts – to achieve together what no one district could do on its own.

From that time to this day, conservation districts have been growing in both stature and achievement. But the road has been far from easy. Fighting for federal budgets has been a year-in, year-out struggle. Efforts to eliminate entire federal agencies or conservation programs have come along periodically. The story told in For Love of the Land picks up again in With One Voice, which starts around 1980 and ends near 2005. Together, these two books contain the complete history of America’s soil and water conservation programs. They belong on the bookshelf of every conservation district and every serious conservationist.

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